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    Motorhome Hire in Molise, Italy - Campobasso, Isernia


MoliseNotable towns in this region include

  • Campobasso
  • Isernia

South of Abruzzo, Molise is a narrow strip of hilly land of less than 550 square miles. Dominated by the Apennines it's heavily forested slopes are dotted with castles, medieval hamlets and ancient ruins. So pristine is the ecology here Molise has been chosen by UNESCO for two of its biosphere locations.


The Women of Molise: An Italian Village, 1950

Places to see

  • Venafro - ancient olive groves, amphithetre and Roman theatre.
  • Monteroduni - Pignatelli castle
  • Ruins of Aquilonia
  • Mountain road between Monteroduni and Isernia
  • Castel San Vicenzo
  • Cerro al Volturno
  • Isernia
  • Agnon
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