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Motorhome Hire United Kingdom Contact Number UK 0208 816 7246
Motorhome Hire United States Phone Number US 315 849 2596
Motorhome Rental Australia Phone Number AU 02 800 333 50
Motorhome Rental New Zealand Phone Number NZ 03 669 0993
Motorhome Rental Ireland Phone Number IRL 00 353 51 303 760
(9AM - 5PM GMT Mon-Fri)

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    Terms and Conditions for Motorhome Rentals

General Terms and Conditions

Due to circumstances beyond the control of the rental depots, it may be neccessary to substitute motorhome models. The depot will endeavour to give you the same type of motorhome.

Please note that when you pick up your motorhome, you will sign a contract with the rental depot. In the case of accidents and/or disputes, you should contact the depot. We will endeavour to facilitate communications, but your contract is with the depot.

These are the general terms and conditions for making a booking with Italy Motorhome Hire. Please note that individual Motorhome Rental Locations will have additional terms and conditions, which are available in the Booking Engine.

If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.

Driver Age and Licence Requirements

Vehicles can be driven by the customer or by any of the people indicated in the rental contract provided they are in good physical and mental condition and meet the driving prerequisites laid down by the laws of the countries in which the vehicle is being used. Minimum driving age is 21 and maximum age is 70. Driver must have had his/her driver’s license for at least two years.

Booking and payments

All payments are due on the due date indicated in the reservation process.

The deposit is due at the time of booking with a minimum amount of Euro 400.00. The full payment is due 52 days before rental.

For the bookings made less than 52 days prior to departure, full payment must be paid at the time of booking. The payment must be made before pick-up in all rentals.

Any alterations to a booking after it is confirmed will incur a Euro 50 fee and will be charged to your credit card.


The Cancellation Policy can be viewed in the Terms and Conditions of each Quotation from the Booking Engine. Look for the Terms link when you have obtained your Quotation.

Guarantee deposit

The rental of the vehicle is subject to the laying down of a guarantee deposit before actually using the vehicle. This deposit shall be in the form of a cheque or credit card order and stands as a guarantee for the payment of damages and the deductible sums not covered by the vehicle’s insurance. The guarantee deposit shall be returned within 7 days of the drop off of the vehicle, less any damages caused to the vehicle itself. The amount of the deposit varies from depot to depot. Please see the depot information pages for details.

Alterations to Booking

All alterations to a Booking that has been confirmed will incur a penalty charge of Euro 50.


The rental fee includes civil liability, theft, fire and accidental damage insurance. Deductible sums vary from one Rental Center to another. There is no insurance coverage for damages to furnishings or accessories nor for damages caused by negligence or misconduct.

Provision of Vehicles

The Rental Center guarantees it will supply a motorhome belonging to the category chosen by the customer. The rental Center has the option of replacing the vehicle with one of a higher category, without additional costs for the customer.

Restriction on Travel

Vehicles cannot be driven outside the EU, unless written authorization is obtained from the Rental Center at the time of the booking.

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